Mokkun's Excellent Adventure

Road to Colemak: Tarmak Three

Image illustrating the Tarmak layout two, the second step when transitioning to Colemak

I was already getting used to it after almost one month of using the Tarmak layout two. I like having the T key in the home row. I had a bit of a struggle with the new position for the F and G keys in the beginning, but I’m getting used to it.

Typing in other languages has been quite challenging, as I have to learn new typing patterns for them. So even though I may feel comfortable typing in English, it is an entirely different story when typing in another language.

Another go at MonkeyType yielded the following results: I tried the test with 10, 25, and 50 words and got a WMP of 41.81, 45.92, and 49.26, respectively, with over 94.5% accuracy. It’s reasonably consistent with the previous results, so I’m happy. Speed will come over time.

Time to move to Tarmak three. This one feels like it will be challenging to get back to speed.

Image illustrating the Tarmak layout three, the third step when transitioning to Colemak

The third layout changes the (J)>R>S>D keys, bringing the R, S, and D keys into the home row. The J key changes place again. It will take me some time to memorize the new positions for the RSD keys, but at least they are in their final position and won’t change.

Hopefully, I will keep my accuracy and WPM consistent.

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