Mokkun's Excellent Adventure

Road to Colemak Tarmak Two

It has been almost three weeks since I’ve started using the Tarmak layout as a way to ease my transition to

Image illustrating the Tarmak layout one, the first step when transitioning to Colemak

I’m still struggling a bit with the K and J keys, but at least now I can naturally find them without having to take a long pause. That said, I often make mistakes when trying to type those.

Overall, I feel comfortable and like having the E key in the home row. I’m also not practicing typing as much as I wanted or thought I would, but I’ve decided to take another MonkeyType test to see how much damage is still there.

I’ve tried the test with 10, 25, and 50 words and got a WMP of 62.34, 48.63, and 47.01, respectively, with over 94% accuracy. A slight improvement since the last time.

As the steps progress, I believe it will get easier to type, so I’m moving to Tarmak two.

Image illustrating the Tarmak layout two, the second step when transitioning to Colemak

The second layout changes the (J)>G>T>F keys, bringing the T key into the home row. The J key changes place again and will do so in the following layout iterations.

I’m already using the new layout, and although it will take some time to get used to it, I feel more comfortable typing.

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